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Shuto Chanjya

Shuto Chanjya

Long term salting fermentation of Katsuo internal organs, blending Chinese hot chili paste, Korean hot chili paste, Kimuchi sauce. The party of the Asia’s hot historical ingredients will create Umami from effecting each other. Also the sweet tomato puree and sesame oil will add a mild nuance in it.

Product Shuto Chanjya
Name Shiokara
Expiery date 90days from production date(unopened)
How to keep Keep refrigerated(under10℃)
Notice Same as raw food, please eat soon.

Shuto Chanjya Variation

Shuto Chanjya 70g
Gross 70g
Size 90×90×35mm
Price image open price
Katsuo Chanjya 80g
Gross 80g
Size 52×92mm
Price image open price