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Beef filet sotay

《 Ingredients 》
Beef filet 100g
Carrot minch 1/2teaspoon
Shallot 1teaspoon
Chiken or beef clear soup 200cc
Vegi oil 20cc
Butter(non salt) 20g
green onion a little
Cream 100cc
Lemon 2tablespoon
Maguro Shuto a little

How to make


Boil the soup.


In other pan, heat butter and vegi oil and garlic,add shallot and fry.


Add shuto in 2 mix with 1 and cream.


Add lemon and green onion and finish with the sauce.


Put 4 on beef.


You can add potato or carrot for side dish.

Knack and Point

It is good with other chiken of pork meat.

Use in this Recipe

Maguro Shuto

Our original product, Maguro Shuto is made from Tuna’s stomach salted and aged in a long term fermentation. The natural Umami and deep taste goes great with Sake, or beer and hot rice. Also as an Umami accent and Fish hormone, you can use it in several sauce as pasta and dressing. It can be used in any kind of cooking.