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Shuto tuna and tomato pasta Radio CM

《 Ingredients 》
Olive oil 1/4cup
Chopped garlic 1part
chopped onion 1
Tuna (remove the oil) L1can(160g)
Maguro Shuto Mild 4tablespoon
Hole tomato 1can(400g)
●sugar 1tablespoon
●water 1cup
●cube bouillon 1/2cut
pasta(1.8mm) 320g
salt as much as you like

How to make


Fry olive oil and garlic on the pan, and fry until the garlic becomes light brown.


Add onion.


Add Tuna, Shuto, and saute and vaporise the water.(The smell will be gone by educing the water.)


flake the tomato(or mill)・Add●Boil with strong fire and remove harshness with middle fire.


Later put it on heat fo 15~20min with low fire.


Put it on boiled pasta.

Knack and Point

The boiling time is just a sample. Adding salt is aslo nice. The sause is able to freeze and use for other sause.

Use in this Recipe

Maguro Shuto mild

Our original product, Maguro Shuto is made from Tuna’s stomach salted and aged in a long term fermentation. The light salt and Japanese Dashi makes an elegant taste.