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Boiled squid with shuto

《 Ingredients 》
Squid 1
Maguro Shuto 2tablespoon
Soy sauce 60cc
Mirin 60cc
Sake 40cc
Sugar 30g

How to make


Clean the squid and cut in pice and remove the ink bag.


Season the inner with the ingredients.


Add 2 and squid and boil.

Knack and Point

Ginger and Yuzu will make a good accent.

Use in this Recipe

Maguro Shuto

Our original product, Maguro Shuto is made from Tuna’s stomach salted and aged in a long term fermentation. The natural Umami and deep taste goes great with Sake, or beer and hot rice. Also as an Umami accent and Fish hormone, you can use it in several sauce as pasta and dressing. It can be used in any kind of cooking.