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Uni Ika cream Penne

《 Ingredients 》
Ini Ika 60g
Penne 140g
Fresh cream 80cc
Cube soup 1(melt in 300cc hot water)
Hot red chilli pepper 1part
White wine 50cc
Olive oil 30cc
Garlic 1part
Onion(slice) 30g
Bacon 30g
Boiled rape blossom 30g
Parcely a little
Long white onion sliced a little
Charbil a little

How to make


Cook the garlic with olive oil, add the chilli.


Add bacon and cook well.


Add onion and white wine and soup and 40cc water and boil till becomed half amount.


After add cream and once boiled and blossom and parcely and Uni Ika and mix.


Add the penne and boil.


Decorate with white onion slice.

Knack and Point

Olive oil and pepper will be good accent

Use in this Recipe

Uni Ika

Rich sea urchin and smooth body of the squid, mild rice mold, and kazunoko. The squid’s texture and the sea urchin and rice mold’s sweetness, the crispy kazunoko is a perfect balance. The aroma and vivid orange is from natural coloring.