Maguro Shuto and tofu
《 Ingredients 》
Maguro Shuto Negi right amount
Tofu half
Long green onion a little
Ooba cut 2
Myoga 1
Ginger paste 1piece
Hana Katsuo bushi(Dry bonito flake) right amount

How to make

1. Minch all Ooba,Moga,ginger and mix.
2. Heat Katsuo bushi 20 seconds by microwave.
3. Put the tofu on a small bowl,and decorate with Hanakatsuo.
4. Add 1 and Shuto on the tofu.

Knack and Point

A great tofu


It's available for this recipe!

Maguro Shuto Negi

Dynamically use green onion and western chives in Shuto, and with sesame’s softness creates an exotic flavor and aroma. Simply with rice and drinks, and specially on Tofu will make a gorgeous “Hiyayakko”.