Cream chease shuto
《 Ingredients 》
Cream cheese 2teaspoon ※or 1block
Maguro Shuto 1/2teaspoon
Olive oil 3~4drop
Black pepper a little

How to make

1. Place shuto on cream cheese.
2. Add olive oil or black pepper on 1 as you like.

Knack and Point

It will become a fashonable bite if you place them on crackers.


It's available for this recipe!

Maguro Shuto

Our original product, Maguro Shuto is made from Tuna’s stomach salted and aged in a long term fermentation. The natural Umami and deep taste goes great with Sake, or beer and hot rice. Also as an Umami accent and Fish hormone, you can use it in several sauce as pasta and dressing. It can be used in any kind of cooking.