Shiokara Don
《 Ingredients 》
Rice 1bowl
Ika shiokara kitsuk right amount
Long white onion 30g
Carrot 20g
Men tsuyu 10cc
Sesami oil 20cc
Minch nori right amount
White sesami right amount
green onion right amount

How to make

1. Lay the cut onion and carrot in water for 5min, and mix Men tsuyu and sesami oil.
2. Put it on rice and add the other ingredients.

Knack and Point

Any shiokara will be good.


It's available for this recipe!

Ika Shiokara Kizuke

Light salted handmade Shiokara made from fresh specially fished squid from Hokkaido and well aged squid liver. The specially selected and fished squid has the best freshness and texture. The traditional use of the real squid liver at the same time is very popular.