Uniika and egg don
《 Ingredients 》
Rice 1bowl
Uni Ika about 40g
Egg (yellow part) 1
Sliced green onion 2tablespoon
cut nori right amount
Mentsuyu 2teaspoon
Yuzu kosyo, wasabi right amount

How to make

1. Put all the ingredients exept the mentsuyu on rice.
2. Pour mentsuyuu.
3. Yuzu kosyo, wasabi mix.

Knack and Point

Half boiled egg is good too


It's available for this recipe!

Uni Ika

Rich sea urchin and smooth body of the squid, mild rice mold, and kazunoko. The squid’s texture and the sea urchin and rice mold’s sweetness, the crispy kazunoko is a perfect balance. The aroma and vivid orange is from natural coloring.