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Old days

The picture from our history

Tangerine stuffing and shipping work [Taisho period]
Cooperative shipping scene in front of Kokufutsu Station [Taisho period]
First generation president, Matsugoro Shiino
Wholesaler of pickles, tangerines and sugar
Established Marumatsu Nakamuraya and Shiino Matsugoro Shoten

August, 1939
Second generation president Shigeru Shiino succeeded his hereditary name to Shiino Matsugoro

November, 1947

Changed organisation to a joint stock company Established as Shiino Food Industry Co., Ltd 

October, 1949


Bbonito Shuto begins sales
August, 1958 Tuna Shuto begins sales
September, 1961

Established head office factory in Sakumo, Odawara City

October, 1963


Sanroku Pickles begin sales
March, 1964

Established Koume Factory in Ohara-Higashi, Yamanashi City

August, 1967 Eiichi Shiino became third generation president

October, 1971

Relocated the Koume Factory to Ichichome Tanaka, Yamanashi City

March, 1972

Company name changed to Shiino Foods Co., Ltd. Headquarters/ plant built in Iizumi, Odawara City 

April, 1973

Direct sales shop

Fujiya hotel

Directly managed stores opened at Fujiya Hotel, Yumoto

July, 1979 Sales Centre opened in Sakawa, Odawara city
October,  1980 Directly managed store opened in Hakone-en
May, 1985

Jardin building

Completion of the Jardin Building in Sakae-cho, Odawara City Established a branch office on the 6th floor 

January, 1993 Designated as an ‘Excellent Factory’ in Kanagawa Prefecture (1992)
April, 1995

New office and factoru

New Headquarters/ Factory built in Technoland Industrial Park, Odawara city

July, 1995 Sales/ Distribution Centre relocated to Iizumi, Odawara city
June, 2000 Began selling products via the internet
September, 2000



Wappaya opens at Robinson's Odawara

April, 2003 ISO9001 Certification acquired
August, 2003

Bar 7thNEST

Bar 7thNEST

Opened Bar 7th NEST on the 7th floor of Jardin Building
February, 2004 Masayuki Shiino became the fourth-generation president
April, 2005

FSW Wappa


Wappaya opened at Fuji Speedway
June, 2005

Opened Odawara Lusca Wappa

Odawara Lusca Wappa

Wappaya opened at Odawara Lusca
March, 2007 60th anniversary commemorative general meeting of employees held
April, 2007 Shiino Osaka office opened
April, 2010

SA wappaya

SA Wappaya

Shiino Wappaya opened at the Tomei EXPASA Ashigara (inbound)
August, 2010



Opened Sosai Menka Nonomi, a store produced by Sano Minoru, at the Tomei EXPASA Ashigara (inbound)

SA Wappaya

SA Wappaya

Wappaya opened at the Tomei EXPASA Ashigara (outbound)
September, 2011

Steak house Jardin

Steak house Jardin

Steak Jardin Seafood & Monja opened on the 6th floor of the Jardin Building
November, 2011



Opened Sosai Menka Nonomi, a store produced by Sano Minoru, at Terrace Mall, Shonan
March, 2013 Changed the name of Wappaya Robinson's Odawara Store to Wappaya Seibu Odawara Store
June, 2014

Hiratsuka Luska wappaya

Hiratsuka Luska wappaya

Opened Wappaya at Hiratsuka Lusca Department Store
November, 2014

La Masa

La Masa

La Masa is opened in HaRuNe Odawara
January, 2016



Directly managed Shiino Shop opened in the teahouse Honjin Kuroya

March, 2018



Opened Ramen MORIZUMI, a directly managed store, at the Tomei EXPASA Ashigara (inbound)

March, 2018



Opened Odawara Wappaya, a directly managed store, in AEON Mall Zama

June, 2020

Freezer Warehouse Constructed in Sakawa