Founded in Meiji 27, we continue to make products that are based on the traditional taste of Japan ancient times. One of our main products, Shuto, has exceeded 80% of the nationwide sales share.
With the manufacturing industry at its core, we operate shops shown below.

・Directly Managed Kiosks
・Ramen shop MORIZUMI produced by Mr.Morizumi who won the first Michelin star in the ramen world.
・”Wappaya” bento stores that carries a hint of wooden scented bento boxes.

In addition to the restaurant management business, we have sale channels in various fields; like souvenirs at tourist spots and product manufacturing sales for mass retailers nation-wide.
Our aim is to provide workers with a safe and comfortable environment. We hire talented people who are passionate about life and making a difference.
We share the same vision united by a common set of values and goals.

In order to provide a better workplace for everyone to work in, the company encourages employees to plan and take paid holidays and take consecutive holidays.
We aim to create a workplace where female employees can work comfortably.
All eligible female employees are allowed to take maternity and childcare leave.
We even have female managers working at Ramen shops!
If you are interested in joining a dynamic, diverse team of professionals who are passionate about our business, please click on the link below to see what opportunities are waiting for you!


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