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Message from the President

MissionPresident Masayuki ShiinoCompany Philosophy
Our goal is to become a brand of pride from trust, and create merchandise that will be loved by all customors.

Currently, our main products are Shuto; Shiokara; Fisheries products (including Sea Urchin Squid and Firefly Squid); Traditional Squid Shiokara, etc, in tourist areas; and agricultural products like Stamina Pickles (radish pickled in Tamari sauce) and Hyoutan Pickled Gourds.
If you look at these products, you will find that they are items that have been supported by customers for a long time. The same customers are purchasing the same products over and over again.
When I think about things like this, I realise once again how important product creation and flavour creation are.
We are now in an era where we have too many things, and product trends change rapidly. We see many enviable products that have become hugely popular due to the influence of the media.
However, it is precisely because we live in such an era that we must seriously consider what our customers really want from their point of view and work to create genuine products that we can deliver with confidence.  
I sincerely hope to move forward through this era together with everyone.  

President Masayuki Shiino

Affiliations/ Member organisations

Odawara Hakone Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Tourism, Food and Beverage and Industry Divisions)
Kanagawa Prefecture Tourism Souvenir Fair Trade Council
Seisho Cross-Industry Research Group
Kanagawa Federation of Corporate Associations
Odawara Corporation Association
Odawara Corporation Association Youth Section
Odawara Superior Declaration Corporation Association
Odawara Local Industry Promotion Council
Odawara Food Hygiene Association
Odawara City Land Readjustment Association Liaison Council
Odawara Underground Shopping Centre Revitalisation Working
Odawara Police Station Organised Crime Group Exclusion Promotion Council
Technoland Odawara Cooperative
Odawara City Promotion of Low-Emission Vehicles
Kataura Mandarin Project
Odawara Children's Music Project
Odawara Futsal Academy Promoters Association
Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Centre
Kanagawa Police Officers Friendship Association
Odawara City Tourism Association
Hakone Town Tourism Association
National Federation of Delicacy Commerce and Industry Cooperatives
Tokyo Delicacies Food Co-operative
National Federation of Pickles Cooperative
Kanagawa Prefecture Pickles Industry Association
Odawara Specialty Pickles Industry Association
Misaki Cram School