Company information

Quality control

We pursue food safety and deliver high-quality products through efforts.
We conduct quality control from the arrival of raw materials to shipment.
We believe that strict quality control in all processes will enable safe and secure food production.

Selection and management of raw materials

Natural material

The raw materials we use are all derived from nature.
Of course, not everything is exactly the same, just like there are different colors and shapes, tastes, sodium content, and those with low sodium.
When purchasing raw materials, we use only those that meet our own strict specifications for each lot.
Specialized personnel go to the production area to inspect products and provide guidance.

Foreign object sorting



In addition to insepecting for any foreign matter from raw materials, we also detect and remove foreign matter with metal detectors and X-ray inspection machines after filling.
Each inspection device is used effectively according to the shape of the product and is thoroughly managed.
In addition, we are taking measures to prevent contamination of foreign substances, but we have also introduced a system that can quickly identify foreign matter even if foreign matter is mixed in raw materials.

Products physical and chemical + microbial testing


In order to protect the "safety" of foods, we ship only those that have passed our standards through physical and chemical tests and microorganism tests.
We strictly monitor whether it is finished with the same taste, whether it is made according to the specifications established by our company to the standard values.
We also conduct bacteriological tests (microbial testing) in our factories to confirm whether products are being produced safely.

Pursuing Food Safety


In the final process of the production line, each product is meticulously inspected.
In addition, we conduct careful product inspections by the shippers at the time of shipment.
We will continue to pursue food safety and continue to make daily efforts to deliver safe, high-quality products to our customers.