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Tuna European cuttlet style

Herb bred flake Kasuto shuto sauce
《 Ingredients 》
Tuna 80g
Salt and pepper right amount
Garlic powder a little
Egg 1
Olive oil right amount
Bread flake 2pinch
Cheese a little
Herbs right amount
Katsuo Shuto in micro oven([600w]no rap and 20sec) 2teaspoon
olive oil 2tablespoon
Lemon 2teaspoon
Sugar 1pinch
Tomato in 1cm cut 1/8cut
Kepper a little
Pepper right amount

How to make


Make a Herb bread flake.


Mix the Katuso shuto sauce ingredients.


Season the tuna by salt and pepper and put egg.


Bake the both side of the tuna by olive oil.


Add 2 on 4.

Knack and Point

Plenty olive oil will be better when cook.

Use in this Recipe

Katsuo Shuto

We select fresh Bonito from the inshore. We can only get 30 to 40g stomach and intestine from one Bonito(4 to 5kg). And these will be salted and aged in a long term fermentation. For the rich natural Umami component and amino acid, it goes great with Sake, hot rice. Also you can use it as Japanese anchovy and make several delicious dishes.