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Site policy

  • To Web site user

    This web site is operated by Shiino Foods.
    For using this web site, please read the following terms and confirm your full agreement. Also please carefully check our new updates and be sure you have the most recent informations.
  • About Accessibility

    This web site is created considering the JIS-X8341-3"Guide line for elderely and handy caped person-Equipments for telecommunications, soft ware and servise-The third contents"
  • About Plug-in-software

    To see our contents, you may need the follwoing Plug-in-software

    To see the PDF file, you wil need Adobe Reader. If you don't have it, you can down load from the left button.

    To see the Flash, you wil need Adobe Flash Player. If you don't have it, you can down load from the left button.

  • About copy rights

    The information, content, trademark and logo, and other intellectual property rights are under our copy rights and belogs to Shiino Foods.
  • About notice information

    We have made a best effort on being careful of our information on this web site. However, we cannot guarantee perfect accuracy and validity, compatibility, safety. For updating, we sometimes change or delete our notice information. Also, there are cases to stop our website activities itself.
  • Prohibit actions

    Prohibit the following acts upon use of this web site.
  • About Links

    Please be responsible in case you made a link from our site, or made a link site on a third party's site. Follow the conditions of use on each territory. It is not that we recommend the products or service on the third party's site. Nor we have relations with the third parties site.
  • Disclaimer

    Pleas be responsible on using this web site.
    Loss or damage direct or indirect that occurred will be apone your liability.
  • Contact us

    Please feel free for any questions or massages.

    • 939 Naruda Odawara-shi Kanagawa prefecture 250 0862