Recruiting department

Ramen restaurant staff


EXPASA Inbound Ashigara 3 Food Court
Ramen shop MORIZUMI    1801-1 Fukazawa, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Employment Type

Arubaito & Part-time


1,071 yen - 1,525 yen per hour

Job Description

Customer Service and Cooking Assistance at MORIZUMI Ramen Restaurant
Customer service -Reception at the counter
Cooking: Lifting and serving noodles
Prepare and bring in products for delivery.
Washing dishes and utensils
We have a great opportunity for someone with no experience to join our team!
Working hours [Shift system] Business hours 9:30 - 23:00
8-hour shifts (per month)
(Those who can work on weekends and holidays depending on the shift),
(break time: 60 minutes)
Vacations 2 days off per week (according to shift)
108 days off per year
Paid vacations, condolence leave, maternity/paternity leave, and nursing leave are available.


Various insurances (health, employee pension, workers' compensation, and employment)
Paid vacations, condolence leave, maternity or childcare leave, nursing leave
Overtime, Commuting pay (full payment) Car and motorcycle commuting OK!
Uniform rental

Employee discount system

Company events [All expenses paid by the company]
Internal events

Selection Method



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