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Cream cheese shuto pasta

《 Ingredients 》
Katsuo Shuto 1teaspoon
Small green asparagus(cut in 1/2) 5
Mushroom(cut in big piece) 2
Chopped garlic 1/2part
Cream cheese 1tablespoon
Freash cream 50cc
Olive oil 2tablespoon
Pasta 70g
Salt a little
Pink or black pepper a little
Italian parsley a little

How to make


Boil pasta, and when left time 30seconds, add the green asparagus and finish boiling.


Pour Olive oil in the pan, and fry the mushrooms. Add garlic and fry until it gets roasted.


Add Shuto in 2, and 1's boiled water (3tablespoon)


Add fresh cream in 3, and room temperature cream cheese then boil and melt it.


Add 1 in 4, and add salt.


Decorate in on the plate and spray on the pepper.

Knack and Point

Warm and pull out the Shuto's aroma by the touch of the pan. Then put the boiling water and melt so the Umami will come out effectively.

Use in this Recipe

Katsuo Shuto

We select fresh Bonito from the inshore. We can only get 30 to 40g stomach and intestine from one Bonito(4 to 5kg). And these will be salted and aged in a long term fermentation. For the rich natural Umami component and amino acid, it goes great with Sake, hot rice. Also you can use it as Japanese anchovy and make several delicious dishes.