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Katsuo Shuto Mild

Katsuo Shuto Mild

We select fresh Bonito from the inshore. We can only get 30 to 40g stomach and intestine from one Bonito(4 to 5kg). And these will be salted and aged in a long term fermentation. Further more we used Odawara’s local Sake “Soga no homare”. The light salted Shuto is mild and natural.

Product Katsuo Shuto Mild
Name Shiokara
Expiery date 90days from production date(unopened)
How to keep Keep refrigerated(under10℃)
Notice Same as raw food, please eat soon.

Katsuo Shuto Mild Variation

Katsuo Shuto Mild 80g
Gross 80g
Size 52×110mm
Price image open price
Jizakezukuri Katsuo Shuto 90g
Gross 90g
Size 90×130mm
Price image open price
Usushio Katsuo Shuto 100g
Gross 100g
Size 110×135×5mm
Price image open price

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