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Katsuo (bonito) Shuto Mild

Katsuo (bonito) Shuto Mild

Katsuo (bonito) Shuto is made from rare parts of bonito that have been cured and salted. It is then kept in storage for a long period of time and finished with an Odawara local sake called " Soga no Homare". The lightly salted taste makes it easy to eat and is popular among those who do not like strongly salted fish.

Product name Katsuo (bonito) Shuto Mild
Shelf life 90 days from date of manufacture (unopened).
Storage method Refrigeration required (10℃ or below).

Katsuo (bonito) Shuto Mild Variation

Katsuo (bonito) Shuto Mild 75g
Contents 75g
Size 52×110mm
Reference price open price
Katsuo (bonito) Shuto Mild 90g
Contents 90g
Size 90×130mm
Reference price open price

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